Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Morning with Ebenezer


When I’m afraid, I put my trust in you. I trust in God. I praise his word. I trust in God. I am not afraid. What can mere people do to me?

Psalm 56:3-4 NIRV

Sometimes in life we encounter things that make us fear. There are some problems that may cause fear when they come; and some circumstances that make us to be afraid. I believe there are many things that happened to you this year that left you with fear. 

We are being taught in the Bible to fear not and trust God in everything. Sometimes we fail to do this and we end up being paralyzed by fear in our hearts. There are some things that make even brave men to tremble and strong woman to lose their hope.

Maybe there is someone so sick in your family, and you are afraid that he may not make it at the end of the day. Maybe you are having marital problems and you fear you may end up losing your spouse. There are some people who are facing legal disputes, and you fear that you may lose the case and end up into much trouble more than you have now.

This morning, I want you to know that when you are afraid you can put your trust in God. Stop putting your trust in your bank account, education, network, charms, or even your beauty. All these things fade away and they are subjected to limitations. God is the only one who will last forever and there is nothing too difficult to Him.

Jesus instructed us to build our houses on the rock; in order that when rain comes down. The water rises. The winds blow and beat against that house; it will not fall because it was built on the rock. This is the same to a person who has put His trust in God. No matter what life may bring, this person will stand steady and unshaken because He has put His trust in the Rock of Ages, Jesus Christ. (Matthew 7:24-29)

****Morning Prayer****

Pray this prayer with me by faith and God is going to answer your prayer....

Dear Father, when I'm afraid. I will put my trust in You. I trust in You God. I praise your word. I am not afraid of people or anything that was intended to bring fear in me. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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